About Us

What is Sqooasha?

Sqooasha, pronounced squ-Asha, is a term that’s used for people who are in the top 5% of their field. It is often used to describe people with brilliant minds. The Sqooasha platform is a tool that provides a healthy learning community for students to ensure that they receive the resources, opportunity, and motivation they need to succeed.

You don’t have to be in the top 5% of anything to use the Sqooasha platform, but as little as 13.21 minutes of practice on Sqooasha, five days a week, will give you the necessary boost towards becoming a Sqooasha®.

Our mascots are here to be your children's companion on their Sqooasha® journey!

The Plush Story

From a learning platform to plush toys. Here’s how we got there.

Selected less-privileged students use our learning platform free of charge on a daily basis. We made plushies of our mascots to help offset the cost of providing free services to these students. To get the plush toy project started, we launched a Kickstarter campaign. Several awesome people like you backed our campaign by funding the initial production of the toys. The campaign was a success. To all our backers we say: THANK YOU!!

We couldn't have done it without you!

happy sqooasha plush toys